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Everyone is trying to escape their past - but some have more to conceal than others.

A story of love, trust and suspense. 

Even in the barren wasteland of urban decay, new green life is possible. Love is a seed of Nature and will always find a crack, a corner or ledge and root itself in human lives.

On the run from domestic violence, a woman craves liberty for herself and her vulnerable teenage child. It’s a hand to mouth struggle in a new life of fear and isolation. Always in she shadow of threatening suspense, a prison-break crashes a new story of crime and love into her life. She cannot risk her child but neither can she deny her own longing and the chance of lasting freedom. Only her daring and courage will get them through. 

She must risk, she must trust, she must escape from her own secrets.

She must commit to the crime of love. 


FIVE STAR REVIEW: "A really, really good story. It was exciting, suspenseful and fun. "

FIVE STAR REVIEW: "This is a delightful story! Not only does it read quickly but it also paints an interesting and poetic, quirky look at the world and loving relationships. I recommend it highly."

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