SEDUCTION OF SANTA: Author's Special Price $4.99 99c As the snow starts to fall in London, a big hearted female cop, shows mercy to a bad boy in need…. Steamy suspense romance for Christmas and New Year!  

FIVE STAR REVIEWS "A wonderful Christmas Story which leaves you stunned." Rosemary Hughes. "Love, lust, compassion and a few belly laughs!" E. Hutton. "A steamy romance that will leave you sighing this holiday season." M. Cervantes.  

SEDUCTION OF GUILT: $4.99 FREE GIFT when your buy 'SANTA' at 99c and join the Passion Patrol Reader Club.  

A lonely woman widowed by war, a heart-broken father and his wayward daughter. They all carry the guilt of 'what ifs' and 'maybes'. Can they mend their shattered hearts? Can they allow themselves to feel love, to rebuild and find new passion and happiness?

A stand-alone prequel and introduction to Emma Calin's 7-title 'Seduction Series'. An action-packed full-length novel of suspense, adventure and passion. Meet the characters who form the backbone of the 'Passion Patrol' -female cops each with their own intriguing stories. Strong, inspiring women, as dedicated to their duty as they are to the men they fall in love with. 

Both titles are available for all makes of e-reader- including Kindle, Kobo, Nook, Android devices, iOS devices etc. Delivery is via Bookfunnel, the super-efficient ebook providers.


FIVE STAR REVIEW: "I loved every page and cried more than a few tears." Bookbub Reviewer, P. Winmill.

FIVE STAR REVIEW: "Emma Calin has written another gripping romantic suspense with plenty of both." Reviewer P. Rees-Rohrbacher

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